araku balloon festival

Andhra Pradesh Tourism organises the only international balloon festival in the state of AP, in the very beautiful valley of Araku.

Last year, the festival had hot air balloons flying all over the Araku Valley, enhancing the scenic beauty of the place. The line-up comprised of 16 balloons from different participating countries including India, France, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, and so on.

There were “special shaped” balloons featuring iconic characters like ‘Iwi the Kiwi,’ ‘Neptuno’ and ‘Bee’, which added elements of fun and play to the festival.

The first day of the festival started with several hot air balloons filling the sky with bursts of colour. There was great enthusiasm amongst the locals who were witnessing something of this sort for the first time in the region.

The highlights of the festival also included paramotoring displays and scintillating nightglows where about 7000 people from Araku and Vizag witnessed this, few lucky visitors of the draw also got the opportunity to go on tethered balloon rides, adding to the fun and engagement of the festival.

The guests camping in the valley were excited to be living as travellers and not mere tourists, and were looking forward to soaking in all that the valley had to offer.

The natural landscapes, the cultural ethnicity of the region, the aromatic coffee plantations, the quiet waterfalls, the tribal congregation etc. were all bundled beautifully to provide a wholesome experience.

The Tourism Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Ms. Bhuma Akhila Priya also attended the festival on the last day.

Her interaction and engagement with the locals created fervour and excitement amongst them, generating great popularity across all mediums.

Now – bringing to you yet again a collage of mind-blowing experiences, packaged in a 3-day itinerary like never before. An escapade filled with adventure, fun, engagement and all that you can want at the second edition of Araku Balloon Festival 2019.